CH Rio’s Beautiful Monster

Sire: Arg. Am. Ch. Phillmar SObe Monster WAC

Dam: Rio’s Funny You Should Ask v. Moa

Breeders of Merit: Kayla and Karen Beskau

Owners: Kayla and Karen Beskau

Owner handled by Kayla Beskau

Our newest Champion expertly handled by Kayla Beskau! Hayden started her show career with a bang, winning Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show at 8 months, and then finished entirely breeder/owner/handled.
I was very excited to finish Hayden, as she is the first Doberman I’ve bred and finished solely on my own. Special thanks goes to my mom, Karen, for all of her help and support throughout Hayden’s journey to her Championship.

Hayden 1 year old

Hayden 9 weeks

Hayden 22 weeks

Hayden winners bitch 2011

Hayden & Kayla 2013 Champion

Hayden and Kayla – Cambridge

We do not condone or support the breeding of the “white”/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation. (Motion 12-24)