Patton (River Bluff Monster)

CH Rio’s River Bluff Monster

People presenting dog show awards

Sire: Arg. Am. CH Phillmar Sobe Monster WA

Dam: Rio’s Standing Room Only

Breeders of Merit: Karen & Kayla Beskau

Owners: Peggy Amico-Sing & Karen Beskau

Rio Show dogs congratulates Peggy and Mike Sing on their NEW CHAMPION! It was their faith and belief in Patton that they never let go of. Thank you for that!

A shout out to Patton’s Trainers and Handlers: Kayla Beskau, Doug & Mandy Carlson, Gwen Demilta & Carissa Demilta Shimpeno. Thank you also to the Judges who recognized the Grace, Personality, Charm and Merit of this dog!

A very special thank you to Karen Beskau for this amazing big red boy who’s brought so much love and joy into our life, and a place in our hearts forever. Thank you, Karen, for taking this special boy into your home and heart and working with him. Without your tireless effort and support, Patton would not be the stunning boy he is today.

people lining up handling their dog at a show

Patton with handler Doug Carlson

River Bluff Patton portrait
River Bluff Patton And Handlers
2013 winner of a dog show